Oto behavior

Thought I'd take the opportunity to ask about otocinclus behavior while the
topic seems so popular.

I got a batch of six little guys and promptly lost 3 of them. Thank
goodness I'd read that they tend to die off. I just wasn't expecting so
many to croak within a few days. My tank had a pH of 6.5 and a temp of
around 75F. It seems moving the temp to 80F has helped.  The other three
are pretty active.

My question is about this odd habit they seem to have of looking dead in
the gravel--fins splayed out and lying slightly on their sides. I thought
twice that they were dead only to come back an hour later to find the guys
swimming around. Is this what they do? They are in a 10-gallon tank all by
themselves with driftwood and Java ferns (my meek attempt at an Amano).

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
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