I've finally finished the waterfalls and cliffs part of my palludarium (or
is it paludarium from paludal?). I modeled them in clay, forming a
semi-circle, with the mountain for the waterfall center back and the ends
facing forward. I then covered it with a couple of layers of fiberglass,
and finished it of with epoxy pool paint. I had a lot of trouble deciding
on colors for the rock, and at $50 a gallon wanted to do it once. Tried 
marbling, but using sets of black and green it came out looking like 
jungle camouflage.

I've decided on using a glass aquarium rather than the acrylic one that's 
free so I can add amphibians and heat lamps. I'll soak out the clay and 
seal it in this weekend. I also did the mountain in layers so that I can 
take off the top and put pumps and any other equipment like heaters inside.

On one side I've added a shallow lake for bog plants. 

I'd guess it'll hold about 15 - 20 gallons of water when filled. 

So the entire environment has 9" of water for underwater plants, a pool 
for bog plants and a dirt area for land plants. And I've built in a flow 
through a gravel bed for simple filtering.

So George, since you like modeling this is one way you could create 
an entire eco-system.

For others that have done this, are their any poisonous plants that you 
tend to stay away from?

I'm also taking pictures as the project develops in case anyone is 

-Don Pickerel-

In warm but cloudy Mountain View.