Water Chemistry


>>one of my tanks, I immediately got a cloudy precipitate.  A year or two
ater, most of the iron salts had precipitated out in the bottle.  Just a<<

Does this mean that the "dust" at the bottom of my Flourish bottle
indicates that it is past its prime?

At Steve's suggestion, I'm trying to pick out test kits for my well water.
I guess I should get phosphate, copper, iron, and nitrate.  I find the
array of choices dizzying.  For instance with copper, do I want one that
measures chelated or non-chelated copper or both?  Do I want one that is
"catalysis based"?  The FAQs I've found haven't been entirely helpful on
issues like these.

If anyone wants to share their bang/buck thoughts on test kits privately,
I'd be grateful.

Thanks.  Dirk