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> From: Mick Nally <mick at roch-inst_co.uk>
> Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 11:10:41 +0100 (BST)
> Subject: Its Duckweed.
> This sounds very much like Duckweed. It is a prolific floating plant which
> will probably need thinning out regularly, it is usefull for extracting
> nitrates from your water.

I have high nitrates levels, so this could be a help to me. How useful is
duckweed to lower nitrate levels, compared to other fast growing plants?
But I also see a major drawback: as it is a floating plant, the
light-levels will drop rather hard, and I am already low on light (I use
40 watt), so I wonder if the duckweed will be spreading to the whole tank,
or if you can limit it to stay on the right hand side of the tank. Are
there any experiences concerning the light levels? 

Tank info: I have an overcrowded 55g freshwater tank. I use CO2 (yeast
method), ph=+/-7.5, GH=over 10 degrees, nitrites:undetectable, so =0 but
on the Tetra test kit, my nitrates are on the edge: completely red. That
is 50-100 mg/l, so very VERY high. The plants are growing nicely: every
week I have to cut some down. 

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