Re: Cable confusion: what watt?

From: GAMPOW at aol_com

>  (Daleco is a little more expensive but has more knowledgeable 

Actually, in almost every instance, I've found Daleco's prices to be right
on with Pet Warehouse's once you include PW's shipping charge (which
Daleco includes in the price).

I am a very happy and loyal Daleco's customer and recommend them highly.

>      Now to the point:  since I expect to have to use an auxilliary
> conventional heater anyway, it seems that higher watt cables
> are a waste of money, since lower watt ones, within
> undetermined limits, will provide the same benefits; so I
> may as well buy a 100w cable or less and put it on a timer for
> lots of on-off cycles instead of using a thermostat.  Is this
> true?

The only problem with this is that the smaller wattage cables are also
shorter.  To get even coverage you'll need the larger cables.  Gary at
Daleco can tell you what the various lengths are.

I'm using the 100W cables in my 75g and as long as the weather is below
85F outside they are not able to maintain the 82F temp that I have them
set to.  I have an additional 100W Ebo to boost the heating capacity.  The
coils have been on 100% of the time since Sept 95.

I suspect that come summer the coils will spend much of their time in the
OFF position.  Unfortunately there isn't much I can do to prevent that 
with the hot, humid weather we have here in the midwest.