Re: Well Water

> From:  (Dirk)
> We're moving into an old farmhouse in less than
> two weeks.  I'll have room for all the tanks I want.

I'm jealous! ]:-)

> bad news, perhaps, is that we will have well water.  I know 
> that it is LOADED with minerals.  The university will test the 
> well water for bacteria, phosphates, nitrates, copper, iron,
> TDS, pretty much whatever I could want.  They charge $15 for
> each test.  What tests would you folk think are necessary?

Do you have reason to believe the water is unsafe? If so a
bacterial test is wise if you plan on drinking the water. Deep
wells tend not to have a problem unless there is run off from
a feed lot or some such thing polluting the water. The
water probably contains many very good substances including
dissolved iron (what you see causing the stains), possibly
sulfer (adds flavour IMHO) and calcium & magnesium contributing
to general hardness. Phosphates & nitrates would only be a
problem if the water were contaminated by run-off as above
but are not likely to be present in underground water in
large concentrations. I'd suggest you purchase test kits which
are only slightly more than the cost from the university if
you are concerned for all except the bacterial test. If you're
on a tight budget, I'm sure you can grow plants successfully
without any test kits at all. I've no experience using hard
well water but perhaps others here can contribute theirs...

Steve       in Vancouver  TGIF