Re: what is this?

> From: Wehde, Mark B. <MBW01 at msmail2_mayo.edu>
> Subject: what is this?
> After planting my last order from Delaware Aquatics, I noticed about 100   
> small ( about 1/8" ) green 4 leaf clover shaped leaves.  They float on   
> the top of the tank and have since ( 2 weeks ) put down about 1" roots.   

OK, everyone sing along to the theme from "The Tick":

    "Duckweed duck-duck-duck-weed-ah!  <horn blast>
     Duckweed duck-duck-duck-weed-ah!  <another horn blast>
     wheat-duck naama naama nam,
       wheat-duck naama naama nam,
     Duckweed dah dah doo-wah!"  :)

If you think you'd like an opaque carpet of these things covering the
surface of your tank, do nothing.  Otherwise, scoop it all out as soon as
you can.  Be prepared to take several iterations to get it all; duckweed
is extremely tenacious!

   - Erik

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