Room plants in aquariums (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 12:30:32 MET
From: Jan Fidrmuc <J.Fidrmuc at kub_nl>
To: Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
Subject: Room plants in aquariums

> From: "P. Frisby" <peggyjo at netusa1_net>
> Can you tell me what normal house plants can be used in an 
aquarium? I think a plant call an aluminum plant is the same kind 
one sees in the pet shops. I don't want to danger my fish by using 
the wr
> ng kind of plants. Any information will be helpful. 

There are several marsh plants that can be used in an aquarium. 
However, you should allow them to grow leaves at least partially 
above the water level. 

I currently have four marsh plants - I do not exactly grow them in my 
aquarium, but they are constantly standing in water, often the water 
level is above the top of the pot. These are two different species of 
Cyperus (one is rather small, up to some 40-50 cm, the other can grow 
150 cm), than a plant sold as Papyrus (not sure if this is also the 
proper English name) and another one sold as Bamboo. 

If you want to put any plant into your aquarium, always make sure 
- this plant can handle having roots constantly moist
- you put some gravel on top of the top so that you don't end up with 
potting soil all over your tank
- you allow the plant to grow also partially out of water

I would also suggest that you don't put the plant directly into the 
aquarium gravel but into a pot with some soil in it. 



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