Black Brush Algea

	I had a severe case of blac black beard algea in my 20G H tank.
	It got onto all the plants/wood/rocks/even the gravel and the glass.
	Even though I had 3 SAE's working fulltime on it..there was just 
	too much of it. I had some algeacide..was kinda reluctant to use it
	but all else failing I had to. So I dropped a few drops of it 
	directly onto a patch on the powerhead. Two days later the 
	powerhead looked brand new...with no trace of algea whatsoever..
	no effect on the rest of the tank. Then I tried the reccomended dosage
	and a few days later didnat have much of an effect..nothing 
	happened to the algea, fish or plants...so I just poured the whole
	bottle in.(Enough dosage for 120 G of water.)(i know Im crazy.)
	Nothing happened to the fish or the plants (thank GOD). but the black
	icky yukkie algea is dieing. IT turned reddish about 6-10 hours 
	after I added the stuff now..after about 2 days its almost all gone.
	Im going to to a water change once its all gone. No effect on the fish
	so far..no effect on any of the plants. Crypts/apontgens/swords/java
	hygrosunset. I have Cardinals/neons/geolights/black neons/zebra/
	buenosaires tetra/platies/cories/SAE/Pleco/upsidedown cats.
	No fish died in the process.

							Ghazanfar Khan Ghori 
							gghori at wam_umd.edu
		  					ghori at netcom_com