From the Bounce Zone re: EDTA Chemistry Lesson

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From: David J Snell <dsnell at erols_com>
Subject: EDTA Chemistry Lesson

Hello Everyone!

I have been lurking on this great list since the beginning.  This list
truly has a great wealth of information.  I have finally decided 
to "delurk"  and ask some questions and get a little more involved. 

My question is on DIY trace elements.  I would like to be able to 
make my own but I am a little confused on the following

1.  How does one make FeEDTA or FeDTPA? I have found  several 
chemical supply companies that sell EDTA and DTPA, but what 
Iron chemical(s) do I mix with it.  Or is there a source I don't 
know about that will sells it premixed?

2.  Based on whatever Iron chemical is used, how much of each 
chemical does one mix together in distilled water:
        X Iron mixed with Y EDTA = what concentration of FeEDTA  or
	X Iron mixed with Y DTPA = what concentration of FeDTPA  or
 	X Iron mixed with Y EDTA and Z DTPA = what concentration.

3.   Based on question #2, how much of  the mixture is added to one 
liter of water to obtain a .1ppm concentration of Iron?

(I guess I am asking for a quick chemistry lesson.  Sorry, high school 
chemistry was too far back to remember all this stuff.)

David J Snell
dsnell at erols_com