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Subject: Riccia rhenana and Glossostigma diandra

Hardjono wrote:

> I just saw Baensch Aquarium Atlas 3 (this is the English version
> at my local pet store. It has a small (smaller than vol 1 and vo
> plants. One of the plants mentioned is called Sinking Riccia (Ri
> The book says this species does root and sink in the water with 
> If the lightin is poor, it will just float just under the water
> The origin section just says "Cosmopolitan." I really wonder wha

Cosmopolitan means that it grows in many places around the world.

> Could this be the species that Amano used in his tank ? I can't 
> difference (from the picture) between this species and R. fluita
> Does anybody have more info or has experience with this particul
> Riccia ? 

You may have something there!  That would explain how he can keep 
it down on the bottom when most (if not all) people who have tried 
it in this country have failed.

(Ahhh, another elusive Amano plant to lust over!<g>)

BTW, there is a similar problem with Glossostigma.  I've seen 
several American sources advertising it lately, but when I got a 
chance to see what was being offered at the NEC workshop by 
Superior Tropical Aquarium Plants, it was G. diandra, not G. 

According to Baensch, G. diandra is a "stem" plant which grows 
vertically when submerged.  That was certainly what I observed in 
the plants available at the workshop.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA