Tropica Master Grow source

>>I saw your post in the APlist on Tropica Master Grow...I'd like to try some
>>but have been unable to find a source either locally or in my mail order
>>catalogues (MOP, Aq Wharehouse, That Fish Place).....do you know of a mail
>>order source?  Neither Kevin C or Paul S were aware of one so I'm running out
>>of places to try!
>TMG is not imported in the US and to my knowledge is available thru any US
>mail order suppliers. However, Tropica plants and fertilizers are sold in
>Canada. I believe that they can be found in Toronto and other places in

Tropica Master Grow is available here in Vancouver, B.C. E-mail me if you
are interested in following this up. Guess it would depend on where you
live and if you are interested in getting the store to mail you some.

in rather wet Vancouver -- very green though!