>Laterite is a soil type. It is not exclusively a tropical soil. There are
>lots of lateritic soils all over the world.  I cannot at this time remember
>the source, but someone in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area in Minnesota
>manufactures and markets a very effective artificial "laterite." Hopefully,
>some one else on the list can remember the address, etc.

Karl will probably be too modest to plug his company's products in this
forum (or maybe APD rules prohibit him from doing so?).  I can't comment on
the effectiveness of Substrate Gold, but obviously J. Olson (not to mention
_FAMA_'s columnist Owen Jeffries) seem to like it.  Phone/address:

K.R. Schoeler Enterprises, Inc.
241 County Road 42
Apple Valley, MN 55124
(612) 432-9608