Apple snails/Mystery snails

Hi all,

>>From: David W. Webb
>>In my tanks, all of the phenotypes of apple snails will eat soft, decaying
><leaves.  When these aren't available, they will eat algae.  I've had snails
>>starve in a heavily planted, algae-free tank.  If any of the apple snails die,
>>they can add a lot of nutrients to the water suddenly.

: From Neil Frank
:My apple snails chose to eat the higher plants after the algae was gone.
:They seem to relish crypts!

I've seen several posts (not necessarily here) that refer to these snails as
if they were the same. I've had an "apple snail," and it was a voracious
plant eater. Big snail, big appetite! It did eat algae, but preferred (IMO)
plants. :-(  So, I found him a better home.

In the most recent Carolina Biological Supply catelog they have both species
listed. I believe they said the Mystery Snail didn't eat plants! These snails
look a lot alike! Anyone care to eleborate. 

CBS has lots of aquaria related products! Fish, plants, inverts, live foods
etc.; just about everything! 

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University