Re: Angels at surface

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>2.  I recently added Angels and they seem to always be  on the surface.  =
>Could this be to much CO2 or do they usually hang on the surface?

Bob -- It sounds to me as if the angels aren't getting enough oxygen. When I
started up my new 75-gallon the first of the year I was using only an Eheim
canister filter with the output near the bottom of the tank. Though the fish
would be fine during the daytime when the lights were on and the plants were
producing oxygen, in the morning, when the lights had been out and the plants
had been using oxygen all night, the fish were at the top of  the tank. I
finally added an air pump with airstone and haven't had any problems since.
The disadvantage, though, is that the surface agitation from the airstone
takes some of the CO2 out of the water, which means plant growth isn't quite
as vigorous.