Re: The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996 Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com wrote:

> I was wondering if the good old aquaria robot is going to re-post
> the FAQ on aquaria.freshwater.plants? Is it going to post different
> parts of the old multi-part FAQ in different groups?

Yes!  I set everything up about 2 days ago for this month's attempt (it 
happens on the 13th).  From here on out, only the pointer and the readme 
will be posted to all groups.  There's also a modified "intro to the 
newsgroups" pointer that will start appearing on the usual 4x per month 
cycle... you can preview it on the FAQ web page right now 

> I think we should consider asking Kevin and Paul to make a contribution
> to the FAQ to cover PMDD as part of a DIYS section on fertilizers. I
> would say that fertilizers and substrates are possibly the two
> general areas where we get the most questions (and probably where
> we have the widest range of opinions ;-) My feeling is that we could
> come up with a list of good (or excellent) fertilizers and a list
> of those which are just a waste of money (like the Tetra products
> (hope I don't upset any loyal Tetra fertilizer advocates ;-))

Personally, I'd like to see the PMDD issues deepen a little bit before 
being added to a FAQ... but that's as the voice of the low-pass filter 
FAQ maintainer.  But I do agree, one "nutrient hole" in the plant FAQ is 
definitely fertilizers.  

Sounds good to me.  Go write it!  :)

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