The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I was wondering if the good old aquaria robot is going to re-post
the FAQ on aquaria.freshwater.plants? Is it going to post different
parts of the old multi-part FAQ in different groups?

I think we should consider asking Kevin and Paul to make a contribution
to the FAQ to cover PMDD as part of a DIYS section on fertilizers. I
would say that fertilizers and substrates are possibly the two
general areas where we get the most questions (and probably where
we have the widest range of opinions ;-) My feeling is that we could
come up with a list of good (or excellent) fertilizers and a list
of those which are just a waste of money (like the Tetra products
(hope I don't upset any loyal Tetra fertilizer advocates ;-))

We could have a section about Laterite (what it really is, where
to find it, some theory about why it works) and (my favourite)
the use of good old dirt! (why it works, pros and cons)

I can hear Erik saying "anyone who wants to volunteer is always
welcome..." so, yes, I'd like to help out with some of this material.
However, I'm certainly not the author of the best submissions by
some of our membership, so I'd like to encourage them too. There was
an excellent article on symptoms of various nutrient difficiencies.
All too often, I suspect we run short on potassium in the aquarium!