Re: Plants and fish in harmony?

> From: "Shane E. Wernsing" <wern0047 at gold_tc.umn.edu>
> I have a 55G FW tank with roughly 30" of fish total.
> Given the amount of fish-inches that I have,
> is there any reason that I should hold back on the plants?

in a word, no. quite the contrary in fact.

> It seems 
> that some people put a few fish in their tanks almost as an 
> afterthought.  Is there a reason why a densely planted tank should 
> have a low fish count?

No. It might not be wise to have a strongly lit tank over populated
with fish as the excessive amount of food can introduce more
nutrients than the plants can consume resulting in algae problems.
On the other hand, the more plants and light you have, the larger
a fish population you can support without algal problems.

Steve    Vancouver, BC