Water bed filler = python

>From:  (Dirk)
>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 22:19:23 -0500
>Subject: DIY Python
>For all you DIYers out there, at Target this evening I chanced across a
>water bed product (the rack caught my eye, I don't have a waterbed--not
>that it would be bad if I did) that might be of interest.  I could swear it
>came from the same plastic mold as the Python pump, only it was blue.
>You'd have to find a hose for it, of course, but at less than $5 (US), it
>would probably be worth the trouble.
>Pythons themselves, however, are well worth their arguably inflated price.

I've used this exact system for over a year now.  I went to the hardware
store and bought some plastic tubing (although you could go even cheaper
and just use a regular garden hose) and voila! - I had a python water
changer for a fraction of the price.

I actually learned about this on rec.aquaria about a year and a half ago.

in Ann Arbor with snow flurries, and no sympathy for the spring fever
sufferers in Tougaloo, MS.