Re: chloride vs. sulphate

Paul Sears asked....
>> Paul Sears writes...
>> >Dave Whittaker wrote...
>> >	Why would you expect the UV sterilizer to affect the iron
>> >concentrations?  I can't see any reason to expect that.  
>> I believe that someone, maybe GB, found that UV use caused his
>> iron levels to fall. This makes sense in that it is known that
>> light speeds up the breakdown of FeEDTA in solution.
>	Do you have a reference for that?

Fischer, P., "Stability of various forms of chelated iron in
nutrient solutions of different pH-values," ISOSC Proceedings
6th International Congress on Soiless Culture. 1984, pp. 225-233

It's available at CISTI here in Ottawa. Unfortunately, I gave my
only copy to Neil a few years ago.

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