potassium tests, news group

> From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM

> Is there a potassium test? 
	Unfortunately, potassium is not an easy element to
measure with simple chemical methods.
> I've observed the ratio of help-me type questions to technical
> discussion has greatly reduced recently. Perhaps the nutrients
> are being absorbed by the technical discussion and the help-me
> questions are flourishing on the aquaria.freshwater.plants
> newsgroup. ;-) Or perhaps the newbies prefer not to wade through
> all the jargon. What's happening with the mailing-list subscription
> size? Are some of us migrating to the newsgroup in quest of richer
> grazing? Is our growth rate slowing?
	The idea of the "technical discussion" is to provide help for
everyone taking part, and I think it's doing that.  To use a piece of
the disparaged "jargon"; I'm not impressed by the signal-to-noise
ratio on the newsgroup.

Paul Sears    Ottawa, Canada