Unacceptable posts

The following post appeared in the most recent APD; perhaps I have
misunderstood the tone of it, but what I perceive is an overt wish of
ill-will to another list member.  I looked, in vain, for a smilie or some
indication that this was meant in jest, but it ain't there.  Obviously, I
cannot (and wouldn't even want to try) control what one individual thinks
about another.  I CAN, however, control what is posted to this digest.  And
I will.

I am appalled that it's necessary to "say" this but apparently it is: it
is not now, nor shall it ever be, acceptable to send posts to the APD that
applaud the notion of injury to or wish harm to another list member  In
the future, individuals who post messages like the one which follows will be
summarily unsubscribed from the list and will not be allowed to re-subscribe.

Yours in utter disgust,
Cynthia Powers
Owner, APD

> Good lesson for newbies! Try to avoid DIY when you go into
> such area as under gravel heaters.
> Don't think that you are that good when you've indulged
> yourself in the hobby for years.
> All I can say is that it's good for him; and us.
> I have been observing this topic for long and not all of the
> info are correct.
> Sorry guys.