CO2 Tanks

Subject: CO2 Tanks
> I would be interested to know for those who use compressed CO2 c
> their planted tanks, how often the cylinder needs to be refilled
> the main criteria for CO2 consumption is aquarium volume, plant/
> target pH.  Please include this info. in your respose.

There are so many variable involved that consumption is _very_ 
variable. (you've missed a lot of the variables including surface 
movement, light levels, KH, growth rate of plants, stocking 

I find that for me, the 5lb tank on my 70G lasts about 9 months, 
the same size tank on my 55G lasts a little over a year.  More 
importantly, I have found that I have about a week between when 
the pressure in the tank begins to drop (liquid CO2 is gone) and 
when it totally gives up the ghost.  So as long as I keep an eye 
on the gauges, I have plenty of time to arrange for a refill.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA