Re: Java fern in gravel

> From: "Yen, Yimeng" <YYEN at biochem_medsch.ucla.edu>
> Date: Mon, 01 Apr 96 11:42:00 PST
> Subject: Java fern
> I'm setting up a 40 gal tank with a southeast asian motif, and I wanted 
> to plant the tank exclusively with Java fern.  However, I'm wondering if Java 
> fern can in fact be planted INTO the gravel?  Some books that I have read 
> said that this cannot be done, while others suggest that it CAN be done.  
> Anyone have any ideas on this?  I suppose then, if Java fern cannot be grown 
> in gravel, I wouldn't have to use any substrate fertilizer and I would need a 
> lot of rocks and driftwood.  Thanks for any info.
> Yi-Meng Yen
> ------------------------------
While you can't grow Java Fern IN gravle you can certainly grow it ON 
top of gravel. As long you don't plant roots and rhizome into the 
gravel you'll be just fine. I for one also don't want to add too many 
rocks in my tank so I grow them very successfuly right on top. You 
should put some weight on top of it for the first few months.

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