Amano's Aqua Journal

Aqua Design Amano now has their Aqua Journal available for US subscribers.  The
information is on their website, but for those who would like it:

Price:  6000 Yen (Around $70.00 I think)

Aqua Design Amano Co. LTD
International Marketing Department
8554-1 Urusiyama
Maki-Machi Niigata
953 Japan

Checks or money orders must be made out in yen, the cannot at this time accept
US currency.  (All you have to do is go to a local bank, they can handle the
exchange rate and issue money orders in yen.  Least the little bitty tiny bank
in rural middle of nowhere Minnesota can handle it. <g>)

The magazine is primarily in Japanese, but does have some English Translations
and latin names for the plants.  Fantastic pictures though.  Plus even though
not in English it does show some of the ways he sets up these tanks.

Doug Valverde  75051.160 at compuserve_com -or- dvalver at ibm_net