Myriophyllum hippuroides needs help


Thanks to many bits and big chunks of advice from you questioners and experts, 
I'm doing quite well with my planted tank. It's a 30-gal. with happy, growing, 
even reproducing common plants like Hygrophila [?lacustris?], Elodea, 
Echinodorus amazonicus, Echinodorus tenellus, Myriophyllum aquaticum, and Java 
fern. Nothing real unusual but they are pretty and healthy. There is only one 
plant which is doing really poorly: Myriophyllum hippuroides, identified from 
the photo in Rataj. This plant was quite nice when I bought it but lost no 
time (like a week) in turning brown and losing leaves. After about 2 months, 
there are only tiny spots of new green growth, which don't seem to be "taking 
off". I notice Rataj shows an emersed form as well as immersed; makes me 
wonder whether this plant was a good choice in the first place. I don't have 
high enough light levels yet (still!! --too much skiing on the weekends, I 
guess) but the Myriophyllum is right under the bulb, and other plants are 
doing fine. I have CO2 from yeast and add Flourish regularly. My question: is 
there something I should do to try to recover this, or is this one difficult/
hopeless/not worth the bother?


Christine in Palo Alto, wish I was out cycling!