Where to get CO2 equipment

I recently set up a CO2 system for my tank.  First I started with
the "Dupla Delta" system...  Big big big mistake - first they forgot
to include one of the parts, then the stupid CO2 bottle wasn't
shipped filled...  So I went down the the local welding supply
place to see if they could fill it.  They couldn't, but the gentleman
sold me a 20# bottle for $110 and then said that when I was done with
the bottle I could sell it back to 'em for $90!  Such a deal!

But all is not rosy -- I'm still using the regulator/needle-valve
that came with the Dupla stuff, and that thing is a real pain in the
ass -- it's tough to control and forever slipping out of adjustment.
The regulators I saw at the welding supply place don't have the
right fittings to go with the Dupla stuff (what a shock), so I
figure I need to go and get the Needle valve mentioned in the FAQ -
hopefully that guy will fit onto standard welding gear.

I know that when I'm talking to the Air-Power guys, I won't be able
to resist buying their Solenoid as well.  But I haven't got a clue
what to hook that up to, as I really think I ought to be able to get
a Ph Controller for <$200, and I haven't seen anyone selling one for
< $350...  Is there a cheap solution here?

                                        - Steve
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