Two places I thought list members might be interested in.  I don't recall
either having been mentioned in this forum before.

The first is a mailorder fish place that carries plants.  A quick glance at
some other price lists seemed to me to indicate that their prices were
good, but their selection not great.  They also have a lot of fish, many
wild caught.  If anyone has experience with them, please consider sharing
it with the list (or at least me <g>).

Anchor Bay
36457 Alfred Street
New Baltimore, MI 48047
ph 810-725-1383
aquafish at sprynet_com (they will respond to email requests for catalogs)

The other place is a pretty bizarre mail order catalog.  It has lots of
junk--everything from toys to lab equipment.  The catalog is funny to read
and their prices are often very good.  For the purposes of this list, there
is a fair bit of surplus lab equipment, even the occasional chemical test
(the last catalog had cheap pH tests), not to mention lots of stuff for
DIYers like pumps of many varieties, cooling fans and blowers, etc. (some
are cheap pull-outs).  They have a web site, but I seem to remember it's
not great.  For those in Chicagoland, I think they have a showroom.  I have
ordered from them and have found them to be pleasant to deal with and
willing to (within limits) stand behind what they ship.

American Science and Surplus
3605 Howard Street
Skokie, IL 60076
ph 847-982-0870
fax 800-934-0722

I have no interest in either store.  Just hoping to contribute in some way.