MH Lighting

I was in Home Depot last week, looking at motion sensors for outside (we have
some creeps around that like to sneak around and we don't want them sneaking
around our house) and I saw their MH bulbs.  

They had some 400w MH bulbs for relatively low prices ($35 was the price of the
Universal Orientation bulb).  Unfortunately, they didn't have MH ballasts, and
I seem to remember that MV and SV ballasts aren't a good idea for MH bulbs.  I
suppose this is what makes MH setup so expensive (plus the cost of fans and
pendants).  I was also wondering if the commercial application bulbs
(supposedly explosion-proof) are a better idea than the hardware store ones.  
I couldn't find the color temperature for the bulbs on the packaging.  

I noticed the color in Amano's photos and was wondering if this was just due to
the camera flash or if he uses MV lighting or something.  Niel, do you know
what type of lighting Amano uses?

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