Re: Dechlorinators

David W. Webb writes...

>3)  Let the water age for 3 days.  This is supposed to break the chloramine
>bond and give time for at least most of the chlorine to evaporate.  I'm
>currently using this regimen on my tanks because I'm not close to a water
>change on either of them.

Chloramine is very stable which is the reason it is used to prevent
bacterial growth in mains water distant from the treatment plant.
The timeframe that I have heard for spontaneous breakdown is 13 days
to three months.
Sodium thiosulfate is used to deal with the chlorine releasing the
ammonia to become breakfast for your hygro. The amount required
depends upon pH -the higher the pH, the less you need. I use two to
three times the recommended level for chlorine. It's cheap.

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