Is My Shoplight/Ballast Selection SAFE?

I was at the hardware store and saw a shoplight made by American Fluoresent
Corp. that holds two 48" 40 watt tubes and costs $9.99. The ballast in it is
made by Lumi-Con and has the following specs:  120 volts / 60 Hz / .650 amps
/ class P automatic resetting thermal protector / sound rated A series
ballast / for rapid start lamps / Recommended lamps- F40 CWX, RES, CWP, KB.
 It did have a warning on it that said- Do not surface mount, hang from chain
only.  Is this warning on all shoplights?  Is this a quality
shoplight/ballast that will be safe to use in my homemade hood that will not
be hung from a chain?  The man at the store told me the new shoplights coming
out are switching from ballasts that handle 40 watt tubes, to ones that hold
32 watt tubes for safety reasons.  Jeff