anacharis/plant pads/RUGF?

I need some help in order to help a friend of mine in Philadelphia. I gave
her some plant names because she needs to get some for her goldfish tank. I
grow Java Fern, Onion Plant, Water Sprite, Water Wisteria and Hygro
polysperma with no problems in the goldfish tank and I suggested she get
any of these. Well, she says that plants are hard to find in Philadelpia.
So first of all, if there is someone from that area on this digest please
let me know the name of a good plant place that's IN Philadelpia,
preferably not several miles outside the city.

My friend went out and got some anacharis. This has a familar ring but I
don't know anything about it. Is this a good aquatic plant, a hardy one
that will stand cool water and low light? She also bought "a red plant". I
KNOW that that was a big mistake but I was hoping that the anacharis would
do her some good.

She also wants to know how plants will do with a Reverse UGF. I've never
used one of these so I don't know. And she bought some "plant pads" for
fertilizer. Never heard of these things -- anyone know anything about them?
Good, bad or what? I wish I lived closer to her so I could help better. But
any info about these things will be useful.

Olga in very wet Vancouver.