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>From: Trent Nicholas <trent at matra_com.au>
>Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 09:21:10 +1000
>Subject: Newsgroup
>Sorry if this topic is over but I haven't read this list for a while, and it
>doesn't have anything to do with plants.
>I have been reading this mailing list for about 6 months now and I would
>prefer the newsgroup to the mailing list.
>However my provider doesn't carry the rec.aquaria.* newsgroups (yet) and so
>am looking for a free usenet provider so I can read them while I am waiting.
>Does anyone know of one or can lead me in the right direction?

Do you have Netscape? Do this:


It's FREE. They used to have news.zippo.com NNTP server that you can use 
newsreader to read news. Not sure if they still have it in service, long 
time did not access it.


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