27gal Vermiculite/silt tank

About 2 months ago I tore down my 27 with regular aquarium gravel and 
restarted it with  riverbank silt and vermiculite. With the addition of 
CO2 things are going quite well to say the least.
	My A. Undulatus is shooting out 30" leaves! which is not all 
that nice for my little 27gal. I think I will have to get rid of them :(
I hope the A. Crispus bulbs I bought last week don't get too carried 
away as well.

  Since everyone is talking soils I might just as well put in my 2 bits.
The river silt I use has very little organic content as I found out with 
my other 27gal. Only a " band of perviously exposed silt went anerobic 
after I added " layer of gravel. Only the portion that was exposed to 
detrius turned black; no problems with this tank insofar. The 27gal with 
vermiculite should not be very aerobic or anaerobic due to its low 
organics and low diffusion rate. I am mentioning this because IMHO, it 
is better to use a organicly sterile mix and then add trace elements as 
required, rather than using organicly rich (manure, peat...) which may 
be more difficult to control. As I have not used manure or peat so I 
have not seen the results, therefore I am a little biased in regards to 
it. .. Anyways enough rabble from me.. :)

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Bryan Olynyk
ots at oanet_com
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada