Re: waterproof sockets

In response to Paul N's inquiry, I have found that the regular 
non-waterproof sockets work just fine. I have used them all.

When I first set up my custom lighting many years ago, I used the 
waterproof rubber type which includes the wires. I did not like these 
because the rubber would get hard and stick to the bulb, making it 
difficult to remove them when changing bulbs (every 2-3 years <g>). Then, 
I started to use the white end caps that unscrew - easier to use once 
they are wired up, and the price at my local aquarium shop was reasonable 
- about the same for the other type. 
Over the years, I never saw ANY condensation on the bulbs or the endcaps 
(BTW,I do not have any glass between my lighting and the bulbs). I 
realized that these systems were designed for and are more important for 
marine setup where salt spray would cause major electrical problems. So, 
on my most recent set up, I decided to use the normal endcaps sold in 
hardware stores. More than a year later, no problems - I can definitely 
recommend them. Just be sure for any custom setup that the bulbs cannot 
fall in the water, especially on Monday.