Re: Daleco kaput ?

 | From: Erik Olson <eriko at wrq_com>
 | Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 16:22:26 -0800 (PST)
 | Subject: Daleco kaput?

 | Has anyone ordered from DaleCo Master Breeder's Supply lately?  I had 
 | someone in our local aquarium society tell me they've gone under (which 
 | would be bad... now the only good national Dupla source would be Pet 
 | Warehouse?).  Can anyone confirm this so I can take them out of the FAQ?

I received my Dupla order from them a week ago (cables and the
fertilizers). They were still functioning at that time. In the J.P.
Burleson catalog there is a full page of Dupla retailers, besides PW
and Daleco. They might be just small ones though as I didn't recognize
any name, or they might not do mail order.

 Didi Soichin
 didi at wwnet_com
 Westland, MI, USA