Re:Life in a dead tank

> Subject: Re:Life in a dead tank
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> So if you let them grow up please do not give them to anybody else and do
> not breed with this animals.
Ok, I promise not to breed with this animal, though a batch of 
mermaid fry would be kinda neat.  ;-)  (Sorry I couldn't resist.)

> I am alittle bit afraid of having a standard mix rainbow in the future.
> The native species are so nice please leave them in the way they are. 
> Here over in germany we have had some cross breeds that were given *latin*
> names and sold for enormous price. I thing this is something that has to
> be restricted. 

Though, seriously, you are the second person that has expressed concern 
to me about hybrids.  *If* I can raise the rainbow fry to adulthood, I 
will not either sell or give them away.  They will have been the first 
batch of fry that I will have ever raised (and under such adverse 
conditions!), and they will be special to me.  I wouldn't get rid of them 
for any reason.  I had never intended to raise fish, and this batch of 
fry came as a surprise to me.

When and if I ever decided to start raising Rainbows, I would isolate 
them in species tanks.  I'm not interested in creating strange hybrids, 
though I own one hybrid rainbow that is magnificent.

Hopefully that sets your mind at ease.  :)