Re: Soil Heating Cables

Franc Gorenc wrote:
> > From: Ellistonk at aol_com
> > [In a hydroponics store}
> > I ran across "soil heating cables", designed for use in
> > propogation trays, I guess. The wires were plastic coated and looked to me
> > exactly like the Dupla ones. There was no control dial attached to it, the
> > package said it had a built-in thermostat that turns in on when the temp
> > drops below 74 degrees. The guy at the store said it was waterproof.
> > 
> All heating cables I have seen so far, were much more expensive. I would like
> (and so would others I believe)  to find out who is the manufacturer
> or distributor of the above mentioned equipment.

Similar heating cables were described for use in keeping eaves troughs
free of ice in a previous discussion in the APD several months back.
One reason they might be cheap is they might be operating off the 120v AC
mains. This is a potential safety hazard in aquariums due to the
possibility of a minute deterioration of insulation or error in installation
making the aquarium water live with 120v AC relative to ground. It is
far safer to use the low voltage DC converter type and ground the 
aquarium water. As mentioned, ground fault interrupt is an additional
precaution (useless if the aquarium is not grounded)

I don't use substrate heating but have heard positive results from
people who use reptile heating pads or similar devices under the bottom
of the aquarium. So far I've not heard of a case of a fractured tank
caused by this. Olga, what was it our friend Bob uses?

Steve       Vancouver BC