New to plants, but not to tanks...

Hello guys... I have been lurking and watching this mail-list for a couple
of weeks.  I am NEW to the live plant world, but not new to tanks.  I have
always had artificial plants in my tanks before, but have started to plant
Live plants to liven up my tank.

My questions are as follows:
        I am curious about what I need to do to keep a couple of Amazon
Swords and some Hygrofilia (sp?) flourshing well.  I have been reading alot
about fertilizers and substrate, but am very new to the live plants arena.
I would like to get as much help as possible.  Here is the tank specifics:

        29gal freshwater tank. PH 6.8, Temp 76degrees
        1 Tri-Lux Flouresent light tube
        Aquaclear 300 Filteration system
        I large piece of Driftwood
        Smaller rocks
        Black small gravel bottom

        The following fish are kept in this tank:
        4 Angels (Veil and non-Veil)
        2 Opaline Gourami's
        4 Black Skirt Tetras
        2 Plecostomus's
        1 Khuli Loach
        1 Yo-Yo Loach

At this time, I don't want to have to add additional lighting.  I was
wondering if anybody can help me with understanding the fertilization of my
plants and also what I need to add/do to the tank to insure that they grow
healthy and strong.

I will use this information to assist with my 2 10gal tanks also.

Thanks in advance,
        Byron Joker Yeiser
        joker at computek_net