Re: Soil Heating cables

> From: Ellistonk at aol_com
> Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 23:56:06 -0500
> Subject: Soil Heating Cables
> I was checking out the local hydroponics stores in my area today, trying in
> vain to find a trace element mix w/o nitrogen or phosphate. No luck. Anyway,
> in one store I ran across "soil heating cables", designed for use in
> propogation trays, I guess. The wires were plastic coated and looked to me
> exactly like the Dupla ones. There was no control dial attached to it, the
> package said it had a built-in thermostat that turns in on when the temp
> drops below 74 degrees. The guy at the store said it was waterproof. The 48'
> length sells for $24.99. They have various lengths ranging from 6'-48'. I
> guess unless your tank was in a cool area, the cables wouldn't turn on, but
> maybe with some fiddling by the electrically inclined, you could get around
> the thermostat or something. Anyone tried these?
All heating cables I have seen so far, were much more expensive. I would like
(and so would others I believe)  to find out who is the manufacturer
or distributor of the above mentioned equipment.

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