Recommmend a Liquid Fertilizer Please!

There are so many choices out on the market, I do not know which one to get.
 I have these to chose from-

Coralife- 3 kinds - Plant Food, Iron Supplement, or Micronutrient Supplement.

Hawaiin Marine - 1kind - Ferrovit

Kent Marine- 2 kinds - Mircronutrient Supplement with Iron, or Super Chelated
Iron Macro-Algae Supplent with Manganese.

Red Sea- 1 kind - AquaFlora

Tetra- 1 kind - Flora Pride

Seachem - 1kind - Flourish

Kordon - 1 kind - ? I forget the name of this one.

Aquarium Products - 1kind  - Pond Fertilizer ( liquid ) Is this ok to use in
a freshwater tank, or is it an algae producer?  Thank you for the help!  Jeff