Zeolite from the Planet Muktar

  About Zeolite:  It is my understanding this material is a plastic ion 
exchange resin commonly used in commercial water softeners.  It works by 
exchanging positive ions; in a water softener it exchanges Calcium ions 
for Sodium ions, "softening" the water.  Water softeners need rock salt 
because a strong brine solution is used to recharge the unit.  Zeolite 
works with positivly charged ions, which are mostly various metals like 
Sodium and Potassium.  However, Nitrogen forms an Ammonium ion in an 
acid environment and theoretically Zeolite could provide Nirtogen, 
Potassium and Iron under the proper conditions.  I don't know how it 
might be used as a substrate however; the material needs recharging and 
this usually requires the introduction of highly concentrated salt 
solutions which would be harmful to plants.

			Roger L. Sieloff