Re: Injecting

Charlie -- thank you for your most interesting post on "injecting". Makes
one shudder to think how many living things humans may wipe out in a day.

>Of course, we all know that most terrestrial plants do very poorly
>in sterile soils (almost all of them die).  This establishment
>of a "culture" from tank innoculation from a biologically active
>riperian area seems only fitting.  I believe it worth the risk
>of disease and parasite, unless you want the "cleanest" and most
>orderly of tanks.

This is probably a naive and idiotic question but if one were keeping fish
from the Amazon shouldn't one then be injecting micro organisims from that
environment and not those from the local pond or river? Or is fish habitat,
fish habitat with the only difference to the fish warm or cold water? Or,
maybe these fish are so far removed from their invironment that it doesn't
matter anyway? I'm just wondering if the fish and their native invironment
are closely linked to survive together and putting organisims in the tank
that they are not linked to would cause problems.

in warm and sunny Vancouver