Re: Identification of some plants

 (Dirk) wrote March 22:

>So, could anyone tell me anything helpful about the requirements of the
>following?  I apologize for spelling and misidentification, I just copied
>the names from the tanks.
>Borneo Fern, Trichromanes Jayanicum
>Wildenowii Fern (selaginella)
>Uraguay Sword (Muratius)--they wanted $20 for these!
>Marble Queen Sword
>They also had something labelled "Crypt"--they had 3"-4" red and green
>leaves (the reddest plant I'd ever seen except in photos).  The leaves were
>less than 1/2" wide and not ruffled at all.  Any idea what variety this is?
>They also had "Hair Grass."  Could someone fill me in on the latin name for
>this?  I want some sort of foreground plant--should I get this or keep
>looking for pigmy chain sword or micro sword?
I can't help with all these plants, but there are a few I have some
opinions about:
(1) Wildenowii Fern (selaginella).  Selaginella is in the Division
Lycophyta, which also includes club mosses, Lycopodiaceae, and Isoetes.  As
far as I know, there are no aquatic Selaginellaceae or Lycopodiaceae  I
would bet this is not aquatic.  I have also seen club mosses being sold as
aquatic plants, but they most definitely are not. Don't buy it.

(2) The Crypt:  Did it have mostly green leaves with irregular red streaks?
If so, I have it too, and I am not sure if it is a variety of C. wendtii,
or some other species in the C. beckettii group.

(3) Hair grass is genus Eleocharis.  There are a lot of species suitable
for aquaria.  It makes an even finer leaved "lawn" than pigmey chain
swords. It does not do well in dim light.

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