Dupla vs PMDD

 Subject: Dupla vs PMDD

> >I know George really doesn't need any help defending either 
> >himself or Dupla, But before you accuse Dupla too strongly of 
> >"highway robbery", have you _compared_ fertilizers on a dose fo
> >dose basis?  Are you really sure that Dupla's fertilizers are m
> >expensive for what you get?  I'm not, and I _have_ done some 
> >comparison shopping.
> Have you tried PMDD?  My total cost for a years supply is under
> $40.00 Canadian....  This is for a 1900 liter setup dosed daily

I'm sorry.  I should have said "have you compared _Commercial_ 
fertilizers?"  Very few commercial products of any kind are as 
inexpensive as DIY.
> >There is also no reason that anyone needs to use _everything_ t
> You do need to use three products to get a balance of trace elem

Again, I was talking about _all_ of Dupla's products, (and I think 
if I'm not mistaken, that the original poster was too) not just 
thier fertilizer products.  Also, it depends what's in your tap 
water and substrate, and how you stock and feed your tank whether 
you need all three or not.  I use the drops and the tablets, but 
have not needed the Duplagan.
> >Dupla produces to be able to appreciate their products.  I don'
> >use all their products because I can't afford them, but I 
>                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I also have used them and gave up because of the cost...
> >certainly appreciate the R&D they have put into their total 
> >system.  I have seen far too many products on the market that h
> >nothing more going for them but a testimonial from the develope
> >saying, in essence, "it works for me!"<g>
> This is where PMDD is a bit different.  Kevin & Paul want to fin
> they can be used effectivily to grow plants and control algae.  
> work in most cases they will have created an important tool for 
> hobby.  Nowhere have I seen anything that says PMDD are a finish
> polished product - what I have seen is a method to follow to get
> Kevin & Paul are right) nice plants with little algae for a very
> cost.

Again, I have no problem with what Kevin and Paul are doing with 
their trace element mix.  If you are suggesting that everyone 
should create their own trace element mix as opposed to _any_ 
commercial preparation, there may be some validity on the grounds 
of cost. (though many people will still opt for convenience)  That 
is different than "Dupla bashing".  If you're going to pick on a 
particluar company, I think they are a poor choice.  Their 
products may be expensive, but they are well researched, and they 

It seems to me that Dupla gets bashed most often because it is the 
best known.  There are lots of other companies out there selling 
truly horrible aquarium plant "fertilizers".  I am intrigued with 
Kevin and Paul's ideas, and may, when I get the time to scrounge 
up all the pieces, give it a try.  But in the mean time, I'll 
stick to products produced by the two companies I trust most in 
this field, Dupla and Tropica.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA