Barclaya Motleyi & E Uruguayensis

RE: B. Motleyi
Thank you Wim Crusio for the info on B.M {APD V1#365}
Do you have a Description and Distribuition for the Motleyi ?
A colour picture or publication referance?

Re: E Uruguayensis
Rataj describes this plant thus 
"It's submersed leaves are 20 to 30 cm long and 15 to 30mm wide,with undulate 
to curled margins,dark olive green-brown to red-black "
I have two varieties of this plant.
1. As described by Rataj
2.A green form;  leaf shape with roughly parallel edges;short petioles;profuse 
number of leaves{upwards of 30 in full flight};overall growth like a hemisphere
leaf length to 450mm-30mm wide
Both var are prolific giving up to 6 plantlets per flower stalk{again triggered by 
cold or day length(thanks N.F for the suggestion)}Very vigorous plants needing 
repotting every year.Suffers at temp > 25c {not one for undergravel heating
Eng Chuah  ANFA{Qld}