Rid-Ick medication effects

New fish brought ick to my tank. (Yes, I should have quarantined them first. *
sigh*) I've only had the fish 3 days and began treating as soon as I saw the 
spots; I am using Rid-Ick, which is malachite green/formalin. Q: Will this 
medication affect (kill) any of my plants (Elodea, Amazon sword, pygmy chain 
sword, hygro, Myriophyllum, Java fern) or my Singapore shrimp (I removed him 
first just to be safe)?  TIA for advice.

PS. Paul Krombholz, you must be a great teacher. Your explanation of the "
compensation point" is so easy to remember, so patient, and so informative!!! 
Thanks for this and many other similarly great posts.

in Palo Alto with sunshine and flowers