Hydrostemma, books, Anubias

Regarding some recent postings on the list, some small comments:
"Hydrostemma": this is a name that, indeed, takes precedence over the
well-know "Barclaya", on account of having been published 6 months earlier.
However, the name Barclaya, being much better known than Hydrostemma,
has been "conserved" by the botanical nomenclature committee. So, Hydrostemma
is a synonym of Barclaya. This genus has two species: B. longifolia and
B. motleyi. A third species, B. rotundifolia, is doubtful.

Books: good books on aquatic plants are rare, especially in English, although
I must admit that I don't know many of the books that have been mentioned
before (most notably the volumes II and III of the Baensch Atlas and the
books by Scheuermann). I do know the Rataj/Horeman book, which is about
the worst such book I know. Just one example: if you look closely, you'll
find one photo twice. One in b/w, once in color. But with different names
attached to it! The nomenclature used in the book was already outdated
at the time it was published.

There are two books that I can recommend, neither of them in English, I'm
afraid. One is by H.C.D. de Wit. It was originally published in Dutch
(Aquariumplanten). A German version (Aquarienpflanzen) is also available.
An older version of that book (but, of course, with some outdated info)
was also available in English.
The best book currently available is the book recently mentioned on this
list: the book by Christel Kasselmann that appeared just a few months ago.
Outragingly beautiful pictures, excellent text. I hope it will be translated
into English soon.

Anubias: some time ago I promised my revised key to the genus Anubias.
I didn't forget, I was just very busy with my usual work (mouse 
neurobehavioral genetics....). As soon as I find a moment, I'll put it
on the list. Patience please!

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