APD 364 - Black worms, c. affinis

To David Webb -

In Australia Black Worms are a cold water  form of tubificid and would seem not to have much chance of doing the job in a tropical planted tank. I have a friend in Townsville who regularly adds a handful of his old substrate (deliberately including local tubificids) to all his newly-potted aquatics, especially Crypts. He grows them in 5 feet of water and tends them in a wet suit with a weight belt. If you are ever over here and want to see C. beckettii that grow 15 - 18 inches high just let me know and I will give you his address.
He swears by the innoculation of substrate principle.

Bruce  Hansen.

To Karen Randall -

Crypt. affinis seems to grow well for some people and not for others. I too have difficulty and get best results with a layer of spaghnum moss under washed  river sand.

Bruce Hansen.