Black worms

I'm about this -> <- far away from purchasing some black worms to add to my
substrate.  My initial assumption is that these worms are the worms that live
in lake bottoms and sandy/muddy streams, and that they should be beneficial in
spreading out the nutrients in my substrate.

Before I go and do something that I might regret, I wanted to ask for others'
opinions.  The black worms I would be using are the type sold in the little
pouches at the aquarium store (anyone know what type of solution that is that
keeps them alive so long).  I would probably add them to the tank after dark
(so my platies don't chow down) and let them dig into the substrate.

My tank contains platies, ghost shrimp, apple snails, and red ramshorn snails.
The substrate is 3" deep, vermiculite under sand, with a nutrient injection
manifold.  I would hope to get an established colony of worms in my tank.

I'd be interested in hearing opinions as to whether this is a good or poor

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